Entertainment Industry Response (EIR)  is composed of five, like-minded leaders of industry based in Los Angeles. We retooled our companies to combine our 5 teams into a solid force, and are ready to help your city prepare to fight Covid-19.  We are A-Team industry veterans who believe in the power of WE over ME, and we recognize our complimentary strengths together in this endeavor is much larger than our individual companies.
     In our industry, planning, coordination, and installation in extremely tight timelines is our expertise. Our founders are nationwide suppliers of structural elements for build-outs, as well we have the organizational infrastructure in place to expedite man power, contracts, budgets, and safety oversight.  Our nationwide network of team leaders, partners, and crews are ready to safely assist your local needs to bring audiences together again.

Our Mission

     COVID-19 is changing the lives of people and communities around the world each second. The rapidness of the outbreak has left individuals and organizations alike grasping for information and actions that can be taken to stay safe and healthy in completely new and uncertain circumstances.
     Entertainment Industry Response (EIR) is coordinating with domestic and global response authorities to provide emergency relief services through build-out and retrofit ready for hospital beds and medical supplies. During this time of crisis, our goal is to inspire collaborations between businesses, innovators, funders, and service organizations to address the challenges caused by COVID-19. While our number one concern is for the well-being of those affected, we also recognize that our collective response to this crisis is dire.
     We are using the manpower and resources from the entertainment and event industry to build temporary structures and facilities needed by local and state governments, health networks, and point of sale locations.


Special thanks to our 
, who have supported this joint venture.